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Captain Fred Reed Is a Senior Master Instructor and an Instructor Development Center Teacher with over twenty five years of experience.

As a Veteran of the U.S. Navy and as a U.S. Merchant Marine Officer, Captain Fred is one of the most experienced Captains in the region.

Being a Native of the West Coast of Central Florida, Captain Reed has a vast knowledge of the waters, habitat and the most attractive sites in the region.

Combining education, knowledge and skills, Captain Fred specializes in an exclusive and personal tour, which ensures a safe and  enjoyable experience.

With his expertise and laid back approach, you will have such a relaxed boat tour in Crystal River, that you will never want it to end.  Whether you spend most of your time swimmng with manatees, or just on the boat tour, the visit with Captain Fred will relax, refresh, and amaze you like nothing else.

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