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Private Manatee Boat Tours...Better Than You Can Possibly Imagine!

Come swim with the manatees of Crystal River, and have a visit that you will always remember.  Captain Fred will introduce you to these amazing marine animals, and guide you through the mystic rivers while snorkeling right alongside the manatees themselves!


Your manatee boat tour will be warm, comfortable, and entertaining.  Captain Fred provides jackets, hot beverages, wetsuits, snorkeling gear and plenty of entertaining stories and history.


You can expect to spend time swimming with the manatees, interacting with these gentle giants throughout the 3 Sisters springs- made famous by Jacque Cousteau himself!  

The Boat Tour departs out of Kings Bay, the headwaters of Crystal River. You will cruise into the river, relaxing as the pontoon makes its way to the springs, viewing the famous West Indian Manatee, while Captain Fred finds you the best place to swim with the manatees themselves.

Crystal River itself is a beautiful sight, with it's cool and clean water, kept the same temperature year round by the springs.  This perfect temperature is why so many manatees migrate to this part of Florida's nature coast, and why it is an important part of what makes Crystal River so special. 


Relax and enjoy the open boat, so no photographs  will be obstructed, and you can enjoy all the warm Florida sun you'd like.  Captain Fred's private boat tour will make your swim with the manatees so fun, you'll want to visit again and again.


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Book your boat tour today at 352-503-6874, and get ready for the swim of a lifetime.

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