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There's no better place in the world to have up close encounters with manatees than Crystal River. 

During peak season, the river is home to as many as 500 manatees.  With 30 springs in Kings Bay, the water is always 72 degrees,  a perfect sanctuary for the West Indian Manatee.  

The boat tour departs from King's Bay, which heads to the famous Three Sisters.  The springs are accessible only by kayak or snorkeling. 


And there's no better way to visit them than with Captain Reed.

Captain Fred will lead you to the springs from King's Bay, and your snorkeling adventure will be at it's peak when you see all the manatees at the headwaters.


As you float down the calm and clear waters of Crystal River, the Captain will make you feel right at home in this tranquil and serence sanctuary.  All Tours are a maximum of 6 guests, and an average of 2 hours.  Since there is no rush and no crowd, you are sure to see many manatees, and swim with them all. 

So relax, and enjoy your snorkeling with the manatees in the best place and best tour around.


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